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From the automation concept to a stable system, your process should be fast, powerful and smooth. Signal connection solutions must be as compact as possible yet still simple to use and handle. u-remote, our innovative real-time I/O system, supports you with a multitude of clever ideas. Let’s connect.


Consistently efficient processes are crucial to the success of your project in the machine and plant manufacture segment. The way in which the signal connection is designed forms the basis of this. Implementing these powerful and easy-to-handle components delivers advantages for installation work, machine commissioning and subsequent plant servicing from the very outset.


u-remote offers you comprehensive flexibility in the smallest of spaces. Growing complexity in automation systems is answered by innovations that simplify the planning. You can achieve straightforward and affordable implementation with faster assembly processes thanks to universal pluggability, which also translates into far fewer wiring mistakes.


Superior diagnostic tools also allow partial machine commissioning even before connecting controls, whereby the modular design facilitates rapid correction of any wiring mistakes identified. The hot swapping function and systematic switchoff of the output current path constantly communicate with the control, allowing re-commissioning work to be completed much faster too.


Our formula: "More Performance. Simplified. u-remote."

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