Well conceived connections increase your efficiency. Our products create added value in planning, installation and operation.


Terminal Blocks


Klippon® Connect terminal blocks with innovative SNAP IN technology

Stripped fine-stranded conductors just need to be inserted into the connection point, and the connection point snaps shut with a clearly audible click. The conductor is permanently and reliably contacted. To release the connection, press the green pusher. It couldn't be faster or easier.


Klippon® Connect AITB terminal blocks for building installation wiring

Our new AITB modular terminal block system was specially developed to meet the specific requirements and safety regulations for wiring in building installations. Special features of the series ensure real added value in planning, installation and operation on site.


Klippon® Connect pluggable TTB-Range for current and voltage transformer wiring

In current transformer circuits, the ATTB 6 PG CT is equipped with a specially designed 2 and 3 pole self-shorting plugable to guarantee a Make Before Break (MBB) contact under every handling condition.


PCB terminals and connectors


OMNIMATE® 4.0 – Simply configuration of modular hybrid connectors

Hybrid device interfaces for power, signals and data

The modular concept enables the fast configuration of hybrid interfaces, which transmit data, signals and energy in a single connector.


OMNIMATE® 4.0 – Fast. Flexible. Digital

The business booster for compact power applications

The new product series 7S of the modular portfolio OMNIMATE® 4.0 is particularly compact and meets the highest requirements of power electronics.

Enclosure systems and components

Klippon® Protect with viewing windows and optimised EMC shielding

Customise your stainless steel enclosures even better

Cable entry systems and components

Distribution boxes

Product range