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Surge protection is a mandatory component in all commercial and private real estate according to DIN VDE 0100-443 und -534. The space-saving installation on the 40 mm rail system guarantees the best protection with the smallest space requirement.

The VARITECTOR ZPA S provides optimum protection against lightning and surge voltage damage in a width of only 36 mm. It combines type I, II, and III arresters in one unit and can be integrated without screws on three-phase busbars with separate PE connection. This also supports installations with 2 SLS switches. Product variants with two fused voltage taps enable the accommodation of additional applications. An optional signal output reports the protection status.

Your benefits at a glance

Quick installation

Quick installation

The VPU ZPA S is snapped on easily, quickly, and without tools in the pre-metering area. Tool-free installation increases safety and efficiency.

Innovative additional tap

Innovative additional tap

The pluggable additional tap with PUSH IN connection allows additional applications such as a modem to be connected directly – without extending the 40 mm busbar system.

Space-saving design

Space-saving design

Due to its overall width of only 36 mm, the ZPA S module can also be combined with 2 SLS switches and feed-in adapters. All requirements of VDE-AR-N 4100 are met.

Feed-in adapter and fuse module

V-ZPA Terminal

Five-pole feed-in adapter for 40 mm busbars

The new V-ZPA Terminal feed-in adapters comply with all specifications of VDE-AR-N 4100. They simplify feed-in to the lower connection compartment and can be installed on 40 mm busbars to save space. The new devices complement the VARITECTOR ZPA S surge protection portfolio and guarantee optimum protection with minimal space requirements. Both components can be easily installed in confined spaces – for example between two SLS switches.

V-ZPA Terminal
  • Safe feed-in for building installations
  • Installation in the pre-metering area according to the new application rule VDE-AR-N 4100
  • Quick and easy installation by simply snapping onto 40 mm busbars

V-ZPA Fuse Holder

Fuse module for 40 mm busbars

The new V-ZPA Fuse Holders are specially designed for the protection of smart metering systems. They are installed according to the specifications of VDE-AR-N 4100 in the mains-side connection compartment and simply snapped directly onto the 40 mm busbar. The new devices complement the smart metering range as well as Weidmüller's VARITECTOR ZPA S surge protection portfolio and guarantee optimum protection with a small footprint.

V-ZPA Fuse Holder
  • Safety for additional applications such as smart meter gateways
  • Simple snap-on to 5-pole busbar systems
  • Installation in the mains-side connection compartment
  • Reliable fuse protection with 6.3 A in a compact design
  • Two standard-compliant voltage taps for high flexibility


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