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Design and processing

Surface Mount Technology (SMT) has become established as the common standard for processing electronic assemblies. The connection system can be integrated in the SMT process in two ways: by means of THR (Through-Hole Reflow) or SMD (Surface Mount Device) technology. A combination of both types of mounting is also possible.

Learn more about our THR and SMD components in the following.

THR components

THR components

In the through-hole reflow process (THR), components are inserted through a hole in the PCB and then soldered to other SMT components. The special challenge of this method is that the components need to withstand the high temperatures of the SMT process.

SMD components

SMD components

In the SMT process, the surface-mounted devices (SMDs) are soldered to the PCB with solder pads. The use of SMD components means that it is possible to dispense with wire pins to the components and with the holes normally required for attachment to the PCB.

General information (THR and SMD components)

Product change notifications

The aim is to offer you current products and solutions that comply with current requirements. For this reason, we have an active process for improving our products. As part of this process, optimisations also occur which are relevant for your products. We provide you with information about changes and any implications in the form of a "Product Change Notification (PCN)".

The PCN process at Weidmüller

Cancellation process

Products supplied are also always subject to modifications by the manufacturer. That is why we inform you in good time if a product is discontinued and is no longer available.

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