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PV monitoring is becoming increasingly important. After all, photovoltaics is today's largest application area when it comes to replacing traditional power plants. However, photovoltaic plants need to be monitored and maintained in order to reduce the electricity production costs (levelised cost of electricity/LCOE) of the plants. Our solutions for PV monitoring allow you to precisely monitor your PV plants – with low manual efforts for monitoring, servicing and maintenance. This ensures that your investments aren't left unattended.

With our solutions for PV monitoring, you can detect anomalies early on, allowing you to improve the LCOE and ROI (return on investment) of your plant. Use your available resources as efficiently as possible and trust in our reliable solutions for PV monitoring!

Product highlights

With our solutions for photovoltaic monitoring, you'll increase the electricity yield of your PV plants, optimising electricity production costs (LCOE) and the performance ratio (PR) and return on investment (ROI) of your system. In addition, our products enable the ongoing monitoring of individual PV strings or string groups. This minimises downtime and energy losses. With our solutions for PV monitoring, you can save on costs and realize the large-scale expansion of your systems.


PV string monitoring system

Modular PV string monitoring system for up to 32 strings

In the case of utility scale photovoltaic plants, the electrical parameters of the PV strings require constant monitoring. This is the only way that owners and operators can maintain the performance and yield of their systems in the long term.

Our new PV string monitoring system is integrated into the DC combiner boxes of plants with central inverters. It was designed to monitor the current and voltage of the individual strings as well as the SPD and breaker status in the combiner box.

Thanks to its modular design, the PV monitoring system can monitor up to 32 strings and can measure up to 50 A per string. It is powered by plant current, can communicate wirelessly and has low heat emission.

  • Highly competitive, modular string monitoring solution
  • Simultaneous monitoring of up to 32 strings
  • Wireless communication via LoRaWAN® protocol as a plug&play solution
  • Monitoring from 25 to 50 A per string for modules with 8 and 12 strings

String monitoring with Transclinic xi+

Constant PV monitoring of your photovoltaic plant

The Transclinic xi+ series continuously monitors the performance of single strings or groups of strings as well as the voltage of your photovoltaic system, enabling detailed monitoring. Negative influences that reduce the power output can be detected immediately so that fast repairs or adjustments can be made to the system.

There's no need to oversize your system just to ensure the expected power output. Good PV monitoring of your plant guarantees an efficient, optimised power output without oversizing the plant. With more than 115,000 systems sold around the world over the last twelve years, the quality, long lifetime and optimum performance of the Transclinic xi+ product range in diverse environments is assured.

  • The standard PV monitoring system can monitor individual strings with up to 16 inputs and a max. Isc of 25 A per input.
  • The double string monitoring solution allows two (or even three) strings to be monitored via one channel.
  • Transclinic 16i+ 1k5 H enables the measurement of 25 A per input even at 70°C with a precision of ±1 % (voltage/current).
  • RS485 SPD on board – specific surge protection for RS485 interfaces is already integrated

Condition monitoring

Condition monitoring

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To prevent excessively high temperatures and enable the early detection and rectification of signs of wear and malfunctions, the status monitoring of all important process parameters is a vital component of any high-quality condition monitoring solution. You can only control your PV plant as well as possible and achieve optimum efficiency if you have a good overview of your power plant and the processes within it. Take a look at our reference projects to find out more about condition monitoring as a success factor and how we implement it.


As well as data capture in the plant itself, a good PV monitoring system includes data visualisation, analysis, further processing and plant control. To be able to offer you a complete solution, we've made our products compatible with those of leading providers of monitoring and SCADA systems and data loggers. These include Meteocontrol, Solare Datensysteme GmbH, GreenPowerMonitor, PV Hardware and Axis. As a result, our PV monitoring solutions are genuine all-rounders. Keep an eye on how your plants are performing at all times – with our solutions for PV plants!

Perfect complements

So that our solutions really form the complete package that you need, we also offer perfect complements to our products for PV monitoring. You get to decide exactly which extras your PV plant needs. For floating PV systems, for example, we offer DC combiner boxes that can protect and monitor your DC strings appropriately even in extreme conditions. Or you might like to connect up your photovoltaic plants with our PV communication boxes to secure the industrial communication of your plants. Whatever you need, you'll find the ideal complement to your PV plants in our range!


We'd like to provide you with as much information as possible about our products in order to ensure the safe installation and handling of our PV monitoring systems. You can therefore download guides about our systems here. Find out about revision processes, installations and maintenance. Your safety and the safety of your PV plants always come first for us! If you have further questions not answered by our documents, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Consulting & Support

Efficient solutions for PV monitoring are our speciality. Our products allow you to keep an eye on your PV plants at all times and to detect downtimes and defects as quickly as possible. We can help you to minimise the energy loss of your PV farm in order to optimise electricity production costs (LCOE) and the performance ratio (PR) and return on investment (ROI) of your plants. If you have any questions, our support team will be happy to help. We look forward to helping you to turn your ideas into reality with our solutions for PV monitoring!

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