Backend Integration

Backend Integration

The AC SMART VALUE and ADVANCED can be integrated into various backend systems using the OCPP interface. In the following, you will learn which basic requirements are necessary for this. You will then find a step-by-step instruction for connecting your AC SMART to a backend and a list of the access data for our partner systems.

Basic requirements

You can use all variants of our AC SMART VALUE and AC SMART ADVANCED to set up a charging infrastructure in which you want to integrate a backend system in addition to charging stations. These have the OCPP interface (Open Charge Point Protocol), which has established itself as the standard for communication between charging stations and backend systems. Our AC SMART can send messages to a backend or receive messages from a backend via OCPP 1.6 (J). A list of our partner systems can be found later this page. A list of our partner systems can be found later this page.

An Internet connection is also required for communication with a backend system. For this purpose, we have integrated a 4G LTE mobile modem into our AC SMART ADVANCED in addition to the WiFi and LAN interfaces included as standard in the AC SMART. This enables the connection to a backend regardless of whether a local network with WiFi is available at your location.

Integration into a backend in the AC SMART web server

Once your AC SMART has been installed in accordance with the manual (Weidmüller online catalogue under Downloads), you can start integrating your desired backend system. The necessary steps are described in the following points.

1. Open the web server of your AC SMART (see chapter 9.3 of the operating instructions). In the menu Network under Cloud, you will find all the settings you need to adjust to establish a connection to a backend.

2. Activate OCPP

3. Select the interface to which your AC SMART is connected to the Internet. With the AC SMART VALUE, you have the choice between Wifi and Ethernet. With the AC SMART ADVANCED, you also have the option of selecting Cellular Modem to establish a connection via the 4G LTE modem.

4. Enter the password for authentication with your backend provider.

Important: Not every backend system requires an authentication by password. This point is therefore optional. If your backend provider requires authentication, you will receive the password from your backend provider. Otherwise, leave the corresponding field blank.

5. Enter the access data for the backend system to which you want to connect your AC SMART and save your settings using Save. You will receive the required access data from the relevant backend provider.

Important: If the Verfiy Server Certificate item has been selected, the corresponding certificate must be uploaded in the Upload certificate item.

6. Once you have entered all the access data for the corresponding backend system, you must save it by clicking Save. Afterwards, you must restart your AC SMART via Restard to establish the connection with the selected backend system.

After the restart, your AC SMART checks whether a connection to the selected backend system can be established. If the connection is successful, the LED indicator lights up green and your AC SMART is ready for use. If this is not the case, the AC SMART goes into an error state (LED lights up red). The corresponding error is then displayed in the web server of your AC SMART.

If you are unable to resolve the error status, please contact Weidmüller.

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