Effective alternative to end-to-end cabling

Effective alternative to end-to-end cabling

Effective alternative to end-to-end cabling

Aimed at reducing costs, and to save space and time in the construction of electrical cabinets, we offer our universal cabling system for PLC/DCSs as an effective alternative to end-to-end cabling design. In addition to our range of pre-assembled cables, front-adaptors and interfaces, we offer interface units and customer-specific wiring concepts which can be optimally integrated into your systems.

Simple integration of various functions

Simple integration of various functions

The passive and isolated interface modules with integrated functions such as fuse, disconnector or relay can be used to solve different application requirements.

Universal and secure connection

Universal and secure connection

Pre-assembled cables with original plugs of all common PLC/DCS manufacturers and types ensure a reliable and fast connection to the interface modules.

Streamlining the retrofit process

Streamlining the retrofit process

Simple and fast implementation of control system upgrades and retrofits without adaptation of sensor and actuator wiring from the field level.

Product range

Universal PLC/DCS system

Compatible to all known PLC/DCS manufacturers

Due to the need to reduce costs and save space and time in the construction of electrical cabinets, the universal wiring system for the PLC/DCS provides an efficient alternative to point-to-point wiring. Weidmüller offers a wide range of pre-made cables and interfaces for the main PLC/DCS manufacturers:

  • ABB
  • Emerson
  • GE Fanuc
  • Honeywell
  • Mitsubishi
  • Omron
  • Rockwell
  • Schneider
  • Siemens
  • Yokogawa

Passive modules

Compact interface modules for various applications

  • Passive input/output interfaces for digital and analogue signals
  • PCB terminals with tension clamp or screw connections for the field connection
  • Sensors and actuators can be connected and different functions like LEDs, fuses, disconnectors and test leads can be integrated

Relay insulated interface modules

Compact connection of relay modules to PLC/DCS systems

  • Groups of 4, 8 or 16 RCL (12.7 mm) or RSS (6.1 mm) relays with voltages from 5 to 230 V
  • Possibility of insulating digital signals in both input and output cards
  • Clear marking: A green LED per channel ensures that each contact is clearly identified

Pre-assembled cables

Electrical connection between the PLC/DCS and the interfaces

  • Pre-assembled PAC cables, consisting of manufacturer-specific plug-in connectors, flat cable connector (SUB-D or RSV)
  • Fast and reliable connection
  • For connecting PLC/DCS and interface modules

Backplane systems

Fast integration of electrical equipment and components

  • Allows various electrical components, such as SIL relays or analogue converters, to be connected
  • Reinforced circuit boards make it easier to add individual extra functions in a confined space
  • Accelerates the installation and simplifies the connection to the PLC/DCS

Solutions for Honeywell C300

  • Special PLC/DCS interface modules and pre-assembled cables
  • Connection of the Honeywell C300 input/output cards to field components
  • Simple, fast and error free connection

Solutions for Yokogawa

  • Interface solutions for Yokogawa systems
  • Enable simple and secure connection between sensors and actuators
  • Space-saving connection to PLC/DCS Yokogawa cards


  • Faster signal wiring taking up less space
  • The interface adapters for TERMSERIES relays reduce wiring times
  • Plug-and-play connection

Plug-in card holders

  • Plug-in card holders
  • Flexible adaptation of Euro-format (19") cards
  • Adaptation of connectors according to IEC 603/DIN 41612 and DIN 41617


Simple system configuration

Simple system configuration

Simple system configuration

To assist you in choosing the right products for your application, our online selection assistant leads you quickly to the suitable, manufacturer-specific modules and pre-assembled cabling solutions on your PLC/DCS card.


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