Solutions for electrolysis stacks

Bipolar plates are the heart of electrolysers used to produce hydrogen. Depending on the manufacturing process, stacks can consist of hundreds of such bipolar plates, whereby a single defective plate can negatively impact the performance of the entire stack. Because of this, it makes sense to monitor the voltage of each plate separately. We have developed the appropriate solution for this and thus the measured values can be recorded and processed reliably, safely and economically in potentially explosive areas.

Stack Connectivity- Cell Voltage Pickup (CVP)

Stack Connectivity- Cell Voltage Pickup (CVP)

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In addition to single connections, multiport connections are also possible. The contacts are applied to the printed circuit boards in such a way that several boards can be contacted in a single plug-in operation. The temperature-related expansion of the stack must be taken into account- for the typical stacks of PEM electrolysis, this means an enormous time saving.

Data Acquisition

Data pre-processing is handled by the u-remote station with Ex approval for zone 2. The data is passed to a gateway or a router. For connection to the control system, we provides variants for all common fieldbus protocols like PROFINET, Modbus TCP and of course Ethernet.

IIoT Data Communication

In addition to the LAN connection, a connection via IoT-boxes to the customer's cloud or our own cloud is also possible. This also makes it possible to monitor the depositing of stationary equipment externally. This allows not only the user, but also the system manufacturer to access the system for diagnostics, service, or support.

Visualization and analysis

With our visualization hardware and software solutions, we enable real-time data acquisition from stacks, empowering manufacturers and operators to monitor crucial parameters and identify potential failures like cell degradation, gas crossover, leaks, sealing issues, and stack contamination. Our integrated approach ensures seamless data flow from the stack to ProconWeb, where it can be fed into our on-premise or cloud-based Automated Machine Learning (AML) tool.

AML handles large-scale data, extracts valuable insights, and triggers alarm functions or email notifications on ProconWeb for anomaly detection. You can continuously improve model performance easily by retraining models as you gain more insights and collect more data from stacks and processes. You can continuously improve model performance easily by retraining models as you gain more insights and collect more data from stacks and processes.

Further solutions for renewable energies

Weidmüller takes advantage of its many years of experience to approach the newly forming climate-neutral energy landscape, combining its activities under the area of “New Energy”. In order for you to make the best possible decision for your plans, you should of course be fully informed. For example, plan a comprehensive decarbonization with our extensive product range. From the Cell Voltage Monitoring (CVM) for fuel cells to the Photovoltaic solutions customized solutions can be implemented. From initial sampling to series production, Weidmüller accompanies you and thus enables the customer-specific development of electrical and electrotechnical solutions for hydrogen plants. With many years of experience and great commitment to the industry, we offer products for the digitization and modularization of hydrogen plants that meet all requirements.


As a pioneer in industrial connection technology, Weidmüller combines expertise gained over many years in wind energy and photovoltaics with its competence in process engineering. This allows the company to integrate its extensive expertise from maritime applications, power to X and DC technology with the new energy landscape. In order to provide you with sufficient information about our products, we provide you with our documents on topics such as the industrialization and digitalization of hydrogen plants. With the portfolio overview, you have collected all the details you need to find ideal solutions for your project.


Consulting & Support

Whether hydrogen production, storage or processing - our hydrogen plant solutions meet all requirements. With many years of experience and extensive know-how, we convince with high-quality products. Let our experts in the fields of contact technology, electronics and automation advise you and trust in our competence as pioneers for the challenges of the future. Together, we lead your project to success with the right products for modularization, digitization and industrialization of hydrogen plants.

Cengiz Oguzoglu

Global Business Development Manager Hydrogen

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