SMARTcharge – the intelligent load management system for charging points


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Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular. However, the necessary charging infrastructure in private buildings, apartment blocks and companies poses major challenges for grid connections. To avoid high peak loads and expensive blackouts, we have developed SMARTcharge.

The intelligent load management tool automatically ensures smart distribution of the available electricity between the wall boxes, taking into account all consumers in the building, and ensures that electric vehicles are charged in no time at all. User-friendly monitoring and management options increase the overview and make it easier to control a charging network. Installing SMARTcharge is also simple, as the intuitive installation wizard tells you exactly what to do. This way, the system is set up and ready for use in no time at all.

New charging infrastructure: Stenkamp Logistik relies on SMARTcharge

Elektro Niehoff GmbH installs AC SMART charging boxes and SMART charge load management for PV surplus charging.

Set up, monitor & manage charging points simply

Depending on your requirements regarding power consumption optimisation, SMARTcharge enables static or dynamic load management for up to 50 wall boxes from Weidmüller's AC SMART family. This is supported by easy PV system integration

  • Simple start-up without programming knowledge

  • Clear monitoring and management options

  • Ability to remotely control charging processes and charging power

  • Convenient prioritisation of charging processes and charging stations

  • Remote monitoring of the status of individual charging points

  • Easy PV system integration

Quick installation thanks to the installation wizard

With the user-friendly installation wizard, you can connect and set up SMARTcharge in no time. Implement both static and dynamic load management very easily and without programming knowledge with our SMARTcharge product bundles. The installation wizard is already pre-installed upon delivery.

Convenient remote access

With remote control you’ll always have everything under control with SMARTcharge – from a simple status query to the control or prioritisation of charging processes and charging stations. Start or stop charging remotely!

Static or dynamic load management?

The goal of load management is simple: Available energy should be distributed smartly. The system prevents the mains connection power of the building from being exceeded and distributes the available power optimally to all consumers. Expensive peak loads due to excessive power consumption or even blackouts are prevented.

The available power can be distributed statically or dynamically.

Do you want to integrate static or dynamic load management into your charging infrastructure? We would be happy to advise you.

With SMARTcharge static load management, the maximum charging current for all charging points is preset. The value is calculated from the electricity available from the house connection minus the demand of all consumers in the building. The specification prevents the mains connection power from being exceeded and the charging current is divided among the charging points. Individual charging stations or charging processes can also be prioritised here.

Our AC SMART VALUE and AC SMART ADVANCED wall boxes support static load management.

SMARTcharge dynamic load management, on the other hand, enables flexible distribution of the available energy between the charging points, taking into account fluctuations in consumption in the building. With the help of an energy meter, the total current in the building is determined and the charging current for the wall boxes is continuously recalculated. For example, if the air conditioning in the building is running and the light is on, this reduces the available charging power. What is left is distributed between the wall boxes integrated in the system. As soon as more power is available again, the charging current for the charging points is increased. This allows you to use your energy efficiently and charge electric vehicles as quickly as possible. If there are several charging points, individual wall boxes can also be prioritised here.

Our AC SMART ADVANCED charging box enables dynamic load management.

The load management system for your application

PV Surplus Charging

Many private or commercial owners of PV systems ask themselves how they can best use the electricity they produce themselves. By charging the electric vehicle with excess PV, self-consumption can be increased significantly and external power consumption can be greatly reduced. Here, too, SMARTcharge helps with carefree integration, which can be easily carried out regardless of the manufacturer of the photovoltaic system.

Simply integrate your photovoltaic system into the system and fill up your electric vehicle with green solar power. With SMARTcharge, you can use the surplus from your PV system directly to charge your electric vehicle. Please contact us for more details.

Load Management in Apartment Buildings

SMARTcharge load management also offers a real advantage in apartment buildings. If tenants or apartment owners want to create a shared charging infrastructure for their e-cars, SMARTcharge enables up to 50 AC SMART wall boxes to be controlled without the need for expensive expansion of the grid connection.

A targeted assignment of the charging processes of each user is ensured by authentication via RFID. Do you want to integrate your PV system? No problem, with SMARTcharge this can be done easily. SMARTcharge offers the right solution for every application.

Load Management in Commercial Buildings & Hotels

Whether for hotels or company receptions: The need for charging stations for the electric vehicles of visitors and employees is increasing. Installing suitable parking spaces, wall boxes or charging stations are not the only requirements though. SMARTcharge not only prevents the grid connection from being overloaded and thus prevents expensive peak loads, it also makes it possible to prioritise charging processes, and to start, stop and monitor them remotely.

Would you like to make self-generated PV power available to your employees and visitors? With SMARTcharge this can be set very easily via the dashboard.

Product bundles for every requirement

The available product bundles allow load management to be implemented for a wide variety of conditions in the building.

Product bundles for every requirement
  • Complete installation package for your application with only one order number
  • Easy set-up with the installation wizard and without programming knowledge
  • Up to 50 charging points can be integrated
  • PV surplus charging can be implemented with the help of a second energy meter
  • Can be installed in existing control cabinet or separate housing
  • Easy monitoring and remote access with user-friendly visualisation of the charging network
  • Basic functionality can be used offline without follow-up costs, free online licence in the first year of use

Perfect complements

Service & Downloads

Discover more information about our wallboxes, charging cables and basic components here directly for download!

Service for e-mobility

Take advantage of our comprehensive support offer for Weidmüller EV charging stations. Whenever you need support in using the Weidmüller e-charging stations AC SMART, AC HOME or AC BUSINESS, you will find all the information you need here, whether video tutorials, downloads, instructions or help via our chat.

Consulting & support

Optimal use and distribution of available electricity is a game changer for the energy transition and electromobility. However, implementation in buildings is subject to a wide variety of basic requirements. Our SMARTcharge intelligent load management system can meet any demands. Our e-mobility team is happy to advise you on how you can create your charging network with our AC SMART and SMARTcharge charging box family.

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Global Business Development Manager

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