Eisenmann AG – power distributor for high-voltage generators

Decentralised power supply and motor control with a specific FieldPower® Control Box

Eisenmann AG – power distributor for high-voltage generators

The E-Scrub paint overspray separation system from Eisenmann is a leader in the field of environmental protection and saving of resources. It stands out thanks to the low differential pressure in the air flow system. With E-Scrub, dust particle emission, waste quantities and water consumption are significantly lower than with comparable systems. These positive features are thanks to the electrostatic filter of E-Scrub.

For power distribution Eisenmann relies on the FieldPower® power bus from Weidmüller. The modular design and error-free installation of the power bus were the decisive factors in this case.

We appreciate the high level of reliability of the power bus FieldPower® due to the uncut cables.

Martin Rügner, Eisenmann AG


The requirement

Eisenmann E-Scrub is appreciated by its customers as an environmentally friendly and resource-efficient paint overspray separation system. Compared with conventional systems, the energy-efficient E-Scrub system needs a very low differential pressure in the air flow system. Water consumption, dust particle emission and waste quantities are significantly lower than with other systems. The basis of the outstanding features of E-Scrub is the electrostatic filter. The required power distribution for the electrostatic filter must be able to be installed quickly and without errors and coordinate with the modular construction of the separation system.

The solution

The high-voltage generators are supplied with 400 V or 480 V via pluggable lines on the power bus system FieldPower® from Weidmüller. Robust plug-in connectors ensure convenient maintenance.For the application, four servo motors and three converters for each wagon needed to be integrated into the communications network via Ethernet/ IP protocol. Various sensors and valves were also used; these too needed to be centrally controlled.

Customer benefits

You can avoid potential problem areas and ensure strong operating reliability by also leaving the 400 V or 480 V cables uncut at the branching points. Moreover, fast and error free assembly is possible thanks to the FieldPower® distribution module.

Eisenmann AG

Eisenmann AG

Eisenmann is a leading global industrial solutions provider for surface finishing, material flow automation, environmental engineering and thermal process technology. The company develops and builds custom manufacturing, assembly and logistics plants that are highly flexible, energy- and resourceefficient. The family-run enterprise is headquartered in southern Germany and has been advising customers across the globe for over 60 years. Today, Eisenmann has a workforce of approximately 3,700 worldwide, with subsidiaries in Europe, the Americas and the BRIC countries. In 2012, Eisenmann generated annual revenues of 640 million Euros.

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