Optimum lighting for cabinet and field

Optimum lighting for cabinet and field

Switch cabinets are often poorly lit. Space-saving, powerful and inexpensive solutions are required. Our WIL industry light was developed in close cooperation with users to meet these requirements. The compact LED light has a bright, wide cone of light and can be mounted in the control cabinet or directly in the field. With its small dimensions, it fits perfectly into any control cabinet. The robust, IP67 protected housing makes WIL particularly suitable for industrial use.

Robust and durable

Robust and durable

Every cavity and glass pane is unbreakable and all lights are water and dust proof.

Powerful and economical

Powerful and economical

High luminosity light colour, similar to daylight. Easy connection to a PLC output due to its low consumption.



With the pre-assembled M12 plug-in connector and a 30cm cable, a plug-and-play connection can be set up.

Product range

Industry light WIL

Economical lighting of control cabinets and devices in the field

  • Extremely small and robust LED light in IP67, available in different lengths and colours
  • M12 connector for fast and easy connection to the power supply
  • Wide light cone thanks to unique three-row offset arrangement of LEDs

WIL power supply

24 VDC power supplies with M12 connector for WIL LED luminaires

  • Space-saving due to an extremely compact design
  • Particularly robust due to fully encapsulated IP65 housing
  • Fast installation due to M12 standard connectors

WIL with multicolor

Only 8mm high LED light for 24V DC with very high luminous efficacy and high lifespan (greater 60 000h)

  • Red/yellow/green light spectrum
  • The light spectrum can emit typical traffic light signals
  • Colors are controlled separately to generate the desired signal

WIL for vehicle interiors

WIL-LED lamp with car plug and magnet

  • LED light with power supply via 12 V electrical system plug
  • For use in commercial vehicles for illuminating the interior or tool room
  • Benefit from the optimal illumination, flat construction and reversible mounting

WIL motion detector

With screw connection, 3m supply cable and M12 cable for connection to the WIL

  • Motion detector with adjustable lighting time.
  • For plug-and-play use in control cabinets.
  • Suitable for WIL standard.

WIL swivel base

Swivel bracket for WIL lights, very high quality version without detent

  • Posture for adjusting the lighting direction in the control cabinet.
  • Power supply IP65 for WIL standard family
  • 85V-264V AC input, 24V DC output 400mA

WIL door switch

Door switch for automatic lighting when the cabinet is opened

  • Pre-assembled with an M12 cable and an access line
  • Simple Plug and Produce feature with our WIL LED lamp series


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