Reliable voltage supply of loads in the control cabinet

For power supplies to equipment in the panel, there is an increased risk of incorrect connections because of the large number of conductors. With our tailored potential distribution terminal blocks, you can construct complete and compact control voltage distribution systems very simply. This can be achieved on an individual basis, with and without fuse protection. The considerable space-savings and reduced wiring effort mean that you can supply your panel equipment simply and effectively.

Unique features giving added values throughout the process


The planning phase is crucial for the success and cost-effectiveness of the entire panel building process, and requires the intelligent interplay of digital product data and interconnected engineering tools. Efficient, easy wiring is key to installation.

Our products stand out in this respect with their intuitive handling and clear design. All terminal functions can be distinguished from each other instantly.

Our Klippon® Connect products feature standardised test points which make automated testing and checking processes possible. In this way, maintenance and testing tasks can be carried out much more safely and faster.

Application example

Our highlights with Klippon® Connect AAP terminal blocks

Maximize wiring density

Maximize wiring density

Maximize wiring density

Klippon® Connect potential distribution terminal blocks AAP support the compact design of control voltage distributions and ensure effective control voltage supply for the equipment in the control cabinet. Additional connections on the power feed in terminal block save components and assembly time. Depending on the system structure, additional space savings of 3.5 or 5.1 mm can be achieved.

Central wiring of PE conductor

Central wiring of PE conductor

Central wiring of PE conductor

Modular earth conductor terminal blocks provide the electrical and mechanical connection between copper conductors and the mounting support. They have one or more clamping points for connection to and/or branching of predective conductors.The AAP system is completed by the extension of terminal blocks for the connection of predective conductors.Predective conductors can be wired centrally and clearly.The power terminals with predective conductor functionscomply with the IEC 60947-7-2 standard.


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