Simple handling on little space

Installation wiring poses particular challenges in terms of the design of modular terminal blocks. The solutions need to be both economical and compact. Simple handling and clarity also need to be guaranteed. Installation distribution and small distributors offer little space for wiring. Our modular terminal blocks for building installations meet all requirements.

Our product range

Screw connection

Patented clamping yoke technology ensures the ultimate in contact safety

PUSH IN connection

Increase efficiency in installation without compromising on safety

Tension clamp

Universal contact system for all common conductor connection types

NEW: Installation terminals - starter set for electricians

L-BOXX 102 in Weidmüller design with installation terminals

The L-BOXX 102 set INSTA 1 includes a wide range of 3-wire installation terminal blocks, as well as other terminal blocks and accessories for wiring main distribution boards and sub-distribution boards.

  • 3-wire installation terminals
  • 1-level installation terminals
  • End plates and end brackets
  • 10x3 bus bar incl. cover
  • Cross connector and marker

Standardized terminal blocks for electrical installations in buildings

Pre-assembled for direct installation in small cabinets and sub-distribution panels

Because terminal rails often fulfil the same functions and carry similar components, we offer standardised terminal rails for building installations. They can be ordered via a uniform article number and are delivered ready for installation. Our terminal rails can be mounted in the distribution cabinet without further preparation, so that wiring can begin immediately. Plugging in supplementary accessories or labelling markers on site is not necessary.

Standardized terminal blocks for electrical installations in buildings
Your advantages
  • Ready-assembled terminal rails with or without mounting rail or compiled terminal block without mounting rail
  • No time-consuming assembly of terminals and accessories
  • Clearly legible labelling and markings
  • Cleanly and neatly mounted accessories

Product innovations

Installation terminal blocks and multi-level terminal blocks AITB

Our new AITB modular terminal blocks were specially developed to meet the specific requirements and safety regulations for wiring in building installations. Special features of the series ensure real added value in planning, installation and operation on site.

Protective cover for 10x3 busbars

The BB-CV AITB 3X10 cover profile provides the necessary finger safety within the switchgear. Overhanging parts of the busbar, which are provided as a reserve within the switchgear, can thus be secured against unintentional contact. The cover profile can be flexibly and individually cut to length.

KNX Bus wiring easily and distinctly

The Klippon® Connect KNX-terminal blocks provide the wiring of the main and reserve leads for KNX Bus wiring systems within a 7 mm combined block width. At each level, a double cross-connection point yields quick and easy distribution of the potential within the terminal.

Sub-distribution blocks and small distribution blocks for potential distribution

Distribution blocks WPD 100 and WPD 110 tested according to VDE

Sub-distribution and locolised systems can be found not only in the building industry, but also in other industries such as mashinery. As the name suggests, the respective lines in different cross-sections must be collected and distributed within these switchgear.

Our expansion of the sub-distribution blocks with the WPD 110 variant enables the collection and distribution of wires with a cross-section of up to 70 mm². In combination with the WPD 100, the range of 1.5 - 70 mm² can be covered within the cabinet. The patented connection area also enables the flexible and simple use of aluminum conductors.

Sub-distribution blocks and small distribution blocks for potential distribution
  • Connection of Aluminium conductors
  • Self-extinguishing, halogen-free plastic housing
  • Finger safe as per EN 50274
  • Connection description with letters and numbers

Phase distribution busbars and electrical busbars Product innovation

Norm-compliant potential distribution on installation devices

With the new phase busbar range, Weidmüller covers all common variants for 10 mm² and 16 mm² cross-sections. All rail variants are available in different lengths and fork or pin versions. To complete the range, we offer a wide array of accessories consisting of suitable power supply modules, end caps, and covers. Weidmüller phase rails comply with the requirements of DIN EN 61439 and therefore already meet the requirements of future European directives.

Phase distribution busbars and electrical busbars
  • Finger-safe and VDE-qualified potential distribution solution
  • Wide range for all common pole numbers and lengths
  • End caps for high finger safety even after cutting to the required number of poles
  • Choice of three feed directions with only one feed terminal


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