Workplace Solutions Days

Workplace Solutions Days

Let's revolutionise cabinet building together!

Lack of specialists, increasing cost pressure, small lot sizes, short delivery times, increased need for documentation...

Are you looking for answers to these challenges? Let's enter into dialogue to raise the efficiency of your processes to the next level.

Cabinet building of the future is already a reality today with Workplace Solutions from Weidmüller!

Come and see our wide range of applications for yourself, because Weidmüller is your partner for more efficiency in cabinet building. Up to 80% faster processes with 100% planning reliability, from planning to installation and operation.

Together we will find the solution to exploit your full potential.

Training contents:

Training contents:

  • Digital integration & data consistency with Weidmüller software solutions
  • Engineering data - for the quick integration of our products into your design
  • Efficient assembly with RailAssembler incl. RailCutter
  • Automatic labelling of terminal rails with the RailLaser
  • Semi-automatic cable assembly with the Wire Processing Center
  • Equipment marking made easy with the THM MultiMark LPC
  • Professional industrial printers for systemised marking
  • Efficient high-performance automatic machines and professional hand tools
  • SNAP IN Connection technology - ready for the future, ready-to-robot
  • Lean-Challenge incl. workplace structuring, optimally equipped for every work phase
  • Fast Delivery Service - Produce faster, more flexibly and more economically
  • Sneak Preview - Have a glimpse of tomorrow's WPS solutions

Conditions of Participation:

Conditions of Participation:

  • Limited number of participants

Participation fee:199 EUR excl. VAT *

*hotel (1 Night), catering, transfer Detmold, evening event (excl. arrival and departure)

Duration: 1,5 Days

Location: Weidmüller Workplace Solutions Competence Center, Ohmstraße 9, 32758 Detmold

Cancellation policy: Free cancellation up to 14 days before the start

Contact: Jenny Bellen

Event dates

German language dates:

  • 17.10. – 18.10.2023 in Detmold
  • 06.02. – 07.02.2024 in Detmold
  • 27.02. – 28.02.2024 in Detmold

English language dates:

  • 18.10. – 19.10.2023 in Detmold
  • 07.02. – 08.02.2024 in Detmold
  • 28.02. – 29.02.2024 in Detmold

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