Statement of the Executive Board on the Sustainability Report

Statement of the Executive Board on the Sustainability Report

April 2021

Profound and far-reaching changes are currently shaping social and economic developments worldwide. We are experiencing great progress in many technical areas as well as in genetic engineering, biotechnology and medicine. At the same time, humanity is facing enormous challenges such as climate change, pollution of the oceans or species extinction. Risks are the emerging trade disputes and global conflicts, which in many places are also being fought with weapons and increasingly represent a cause of flight. Moreover, the COVID-19 pandemic has shown us how vulnerable our social and economic structures are. Therefore, we are all called upon to contribute towards the sustainable and prudent development of our environment and our company - to a development that contributes positively towards progress, takes into account the challenges of our time and involves future generations.


As a family-owned company with a long tradition, we have been committed to greater sustainability and social responsibility beyond our legal obligations for generations. As part of our integrated management system, we identify risks along our value chain and take measures to continuously reduce burdens on people and the environment. In addition, we are proactive and invest in the health and education of our employees, especially in the new generation - through training and the promotion of young talent. We are socially and civically engaged and use environmentally friendly technologies in our business.

As a supplier of industrial connectivity and automation technology, we support the technological change required for safe and sustainable development. Whether CO2-neutral mobility and production, renewable energy generation or smart, intelligent infrastructure - with our products and solutions, we enable the necessary supply and networking of intelligent systems, better resource efficiency and data transparency for our customers. In addition to innovations and industrial design, we focus on quality, application expertise and resource-saving production. In this way, we become a partner to our customers and live up to our responsibility towards employees, society and the environment.

With our first sustainability report, which we publish voluntarily and out of our own motivation, we want to create more transparency and enter into a dialogue with all those to whom we are responsible or who have an interest in our business activities. In this way, we want to make it known that we consider all aspects of our actions, continuously improve and work towards greater sustainability.

This connects us all and is a common social task.

Kind regards,

Volker Bibelhausen, Speaker of the Executive Board and Chief Technology Officer

Dr Timo Berger, Chief Marketing and Officer Sales

André Sombecki, Chief Financial Officer