A decade for the climate

Helene Derksen-Riesen, Head of Corporate Development and Real Estate, as well as Gerhard Linke, Officer for Environmental Management, with a certificate acknowledging 10 years of membership in the Climate Protection Companies Association.

Weidmüller celebrate 10 years of membership in the Climate Protection Companies Association

Klimaschutz-Unternehmen (Climate Protection Companies) make up a cross-sector network that is working to achieve Germany's climate policy targets with innovative solutions. Climate and environmental protection are the companies’ goals. They demonstrate what applied climate protection can look like in the economy and serve as role models.

Companies taking a leading role in improving company processes and solutions for energy efficiency have been working as part of the Climate Protection Companies Association since 2009. Industry pioneer Weidmüller has been a member of the Climate Protection Association since 2012. Through its membership, Weidmüller actively supports the basic principles of “Think ahead, set an example, lead the way”, thereby contributing to a forward-thinking economy.

The electronics company from Detmold is working to continuously reduce its CO2 emissions, integrating this target ever more closely into its strategic concepts.

“For Weidmüller, being a pioneer is not restricted only to solutions in electronic connection technology. We are also committed to the principles of sustainability and future viability, in order to protect all the generations to come. In light of this commitment, it is important to us to design our sites to be climate-efficient, in addition to developing products and assets for renewable energy. This includes measures such as energy monitoring, intelligent lighting control, using geothermal power, PV systems, or a high-efficiency cogeneration plant to supplement the building’s energy supply” says Helene Derksen-Riesen, Head of Corporate Development and Real Estate.

Derksen-Riesen reports that collaboration with the Climate Protection Association over the last ten years has been a complete success, and that the company is looking forward to a continuing partnership based on trust in the future.