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For over 60 years within the process industry, the name Weidmüller, along with our brand, Klippon®, has been synonymous with commitment to guaranteeing customers the highest level of competency, expertise, quality, service, and reliability. We strive to be the market leader in offering connectivity, communication, and digitalisation solutions for the Interface between safe and hazardous areas with continuous uninterrupted signals, as well as limiting energy to protect from the risks of explosions.

As a reliable partner for the Oil & Gas industry, our customers can be sure of:



Unrivaled knowledge in the supply of customised hazardous area solutions.



Securing power, signal, and data transmission for maximum plant availability and efficiency in the system.



From process data through to intelligent data-based services for zoned and non-zoned areas.



Comprehensive certification solutions such as G3 coating, SIL3, Atex, UL&CSA, IECEx, and GOST.



Universal conversion platforms for legacy DCS migration solutions for signal packing, marshalling, and distribution.



From robust and secure site monitoring over remote and local diagnostics to secure networks to the cloud.

With rising global demand, highly volatile prices, and increasingly stringent environmental regulations, the oil and gas industry faces three major challenges: reduce costs, optimise the performance of its industrial base assets, and improve its environmental footprint.

Stuart Bell, Vice President Global Sales Project Management

Facing market challenges with innovation and passion


We provide application-specific solutions for onshore production systems with a focus on process safety. Whether through developing safe and efficient production processes or providing reliable process monitoring and secure data transmission, our solutions provide the maximum level of automation for any production system.


Monitoring solutions are vital to keeping midstream productions running smoothly and efficiently. Therefore, reliable communication and wireless technology are essential to monitoring and accessing remote systems. We support our customers by providing reliable and secure monitoring solutions, including fill-level measurement, overflow protection, and utilisation checks.


It is imperative that complex processes function reliably when operating downstream applications. Weidmüller offers application-specific enclosure solutions with explosion protection to ensure all processes and components function safely and reliably throughout the downstream process.


Offshore systems often experience extreme environmental conditions. Extensive, highly complex systems need to function reliably and economically in harsh environments. We provide robust hardware and software to meet these demands, as well as monitoring solutions so production processes are never interrupted.


Due to the complexity and nature of transporting fuels, it’s important to have automated and digitalised solutions in place that can ensure superior performance in monitoring systems and devices to meet the highest industry standards.


Tank farms are a collection of tanks which store crude oil and petroleum products. Due to the number and size of tanks, as well as the geographical covered area, it is crucial to have robust monitoring solutions for gauges, levels and valves as well as robust and reliable overflow systems.

Product highlights for Oil & Gas

PROtop - the high-end power supply

Superior, future-proof, and sustainable: The high-end power supply for the highest demands of Industry 4.0

A permanent supply in any environment: 24/7 installations require a particularly reliable power supply that can withstand harsh environmental conditions. Condition monitoring for targeted, preventive maintenance is therefore becoming increasingly important. PROtop combines highest efficiency and compact housings with high durability and direct parallel connection, without diode modules.

This reduces costs and creates space in the control cabinet. Due to the powerful DCL technology, even difficult loads - motors, for instance - are operated smoothly, while circuit breakers are triggered reliably. This excellent communication capability allows permanent condition monitoring and full integration with control systems.

PROtop - the high-end power supply
Your special advantages
  • Safe triggering of circuit breakers due to DCL
  • High energy reserves for powerful engine starts due to DCL
  • Highest efficiency and very long lifetime
  • Extremely space-saving design
  • Integrated O-Ring MOSFETs for redundancy or parallel operation
  • Future-proof due to optional communication modules

Klippon® Protect enclosure systems

Safely control processes in hazardous environments

Enclosures fulfil an important safety function and prove their worth every day, even under the toughest of conditions. All industries have their own specific requirements in terms of enclosure technology - from machine construction to transport, energy engineering, and process industry. At the same time, the enclosures must meet strict requirements with respect to necessary international approvals.

We provide certified enclosures for assured protection. Our Klippon® Protect enclosure system covers all approvals required for use in industrial and explosive risk zones. It is also flexible enough to allow an optimum adaptation to your requirements. Individual services round off our range to provide you with optimised process support.

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