It’s the combination that makes it

To make complex systems in Ex zones service-friendly, the Control Station Large allows for a variety of control functions to be combined in a single enclosure - developed in a customised manner and assembled based on three ranges of enclosures.

It’s the combination that makes it

A large range of control functions in a single enclosure

What enclosure version is suitable for the application? Do the built-in devices satisfy the required functions and standards? And what combination of components is even permissible for the zone concept in question?

Weidmüller’s explosive risk zone experts answer questions like these every day. Based in the global application centres, they oversee projects from the initial planning stage to ongoing system operation. Their customers primarily come from the oil, gas and chemical sectors. The applications range from decentralised measurements to the safety-related switch-off of system parts.

Turnkey plug-and-play solutions

“The growing complexity of systems in Ex zones means that solutions need to be increasingly multi-layered. With our Control Station Large, we’re therefore offering the opportunity to incorporate multiple functions in a single enclosure in such a way that suits the application at hand,” reports Product Engineer Holger Lafond. “We combine various command transmitters and status indicators with electronic components such as transmitters and fieldbus distributors in a manner tailored to the specific requirements and wire them to connection terminals in the enclosure. Our customers receive a turnkey plug-and-play solution - including all the approvals required.”

Standardised design on the outside - customised functionality on the inside

The Control Station Large is based on the proven Weidmüller enclosure system and has been tested and certified pursuant to ATEX and IECEx, to name but a couple of examples. Depending on the environmental conditions and the customer requirements, the enclosure can also be made of electropolished stainless steel (Klippon® TB), powder-coated aluminium (Klippon® K) or fibre-glass reinforced polyester (Klippon® POK). While corrosion-resistant stainless steel variants are preferably put to use in oil and gas refineries, the benefits of aluminium enclosures in terms of weight and stone impact resistance can be put to full use in the gas transport segment.

Other application products from Weidmüller are also based on the same design as the Control Station Large: the Control Station Small as a compact on-site control station and the classic distribution enclosure with terminal blocks. This means a project can be consistently managed from a single source, with a consistent quality level and design.

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