Power management in the toughest applications

Rolls-Royce Bergen Diesel use maxGUARD to manage the 24volt power distribution on their engines.

Power management in the toughest applications

Power management in the toughest applications:

Many ships have an electric system with floating earth/ground. This means that the minus on the 24vdc may not have the same potential as the ground (hull) of the ship. Regulations demand fuse-breaking of + and – to eliminate current flowing in the circuit. Using electronic load monitoring/fusing will reduce the risk of failures in your controlsystem, e.g. Overload caused by faulty component /consumer at the end of the cable or short circuit caused by broken or damaged cable.

A risk you can avoid by using maxGUARD is overcurrent exceeding the capasity of a switchmode power-supply: the dc-voltage will drop due to internal protection in the power-supply. You might also be able to disconnect the long- or small cros-section cables between the fuse and the consumer in the system when a slow braking fuse can turn down the whole dc-voltage. In both cases, the control system can lose its power for a period of more than 20ms (regulations) and shut down.

maxGUARD is easily scaleable due to modularity and is quick to connect with colored cross-connections.

If you want to break to plus and the minus to be sure that the failed wire of component are totally disconnected, we recommend using the 2-pole version of the maxGUARD.

Prior to using maxGUARD, Rolls-Royce Bergen Diesel was using 1 signle-pole fuse in combination with 1 relay pr load wired together to create a 2-pole solution. After starting to use maxGUARD, they now save a lot of time for the wiring and also for the ordering process of components to their system. To save even more time, the customer ordered a complete assembly of the maxGUARD for all their applications.

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