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Smart solutions for Intralogistics 4.0

Storage and conveyors combined with sorting and picking tasks are the essential parts of intralogistics. Modern logistic architectures require maximum throughput and optimum operation, with the highest efficiency and flexilitity. Decentralisation, innovative sensor technologies, smart controllers, and enhanced DC technologies for modern shuttle systems are some of the key technologies that are critical to the success of the installations.

Beyond this, big data management and artificial intelligence are pushing the industry to the next level of industrialisation. Weidmüller not only offers an extensive portfolio of products and solutions for electrical connectivity and communication, but also comprehensive industry know-how. In this way, we ensure the success of our customers' storage and conveyor systems and enable their entry into Intralogistics 4.0, which opens up completely new business models for you. As our customer you can get best-fit solutions to your innovative processes and highly dynamic markets.

Just experience the world of predictive maintenance with Weidmüller industrial analytics

As an experienced partner for Intralogistics, our customers can be sure of:

Electrical Package

Electrical Package

For years we have been well-known for all types of electrical connectivity. This includes sensor and communication cables, distribution modules and all kinds of connectors and terminal blocks. Supported by unique 3D engineering software that interacts with your system, these components are tailored to your requirements.

Decentralisation - based on FieldPower®

Decentralisation - based on FieldPower®

This system platform provides unique technical features for flexible field installations directly at the conveyors. DC Power Management, remote I/O, sensor data aquisition, condition monitoring, and motor starters are some of the exciting applications Weidmüller provides to its customers

Electronics, automation, and digitalisation

Electronics, automation, and digitalisation

Whatever your cabinets need, we provide high-tech electronic and communication modules with the highest reliability. In addition to remote I/O and control technology, we offer our IoT gateways, which enable you to achieve more than simple automation. They pave the way from the sensor level to the cloud with analytics skills to support your new business models.

Weidmüller is the first vendor providing condition monitoring data out of our DC power supplies. By this, our customers are very close to the performance of the DC system and provide optimum reliability. If you want to provide these data to a cloud our recommendation is to use one of our IoT gateway!

Dirk Bauerkämper, Global Segment Manager Intralogistics

Facing market challenges with innovation and passion

Technology hotspots for Intralogistics

Sensor technologies

Sensors are one of the core elements of intralogistics for precise status information and traceability of the goods flow.

Today, sensor technology is one of the most innovative sectors. We are connecting IO-Link technology with our innovative u-remote or IP65 master modules and provide a base for condition monitoring followed by analytic approaches for predictive maintenance to ensure a high performing application along the life cycle. Did you know, that we are the first to provide condition monitoring data out of our DC power supplies? With this, you are well informend of the DC system performance and provided with optimum reliability. If you want to provide this data to a cloud, we recommend using one of our IoT gateways.

Decentralization to machine level

  • Object-oriented architecture, decentralized system components
  • Intelligent subsystems, control functions for machines
  • AC and DC power management, DC Smart Grids incl. monitoring

IIoT Technologies and Analytics

  • Supplement application and analytics knowledge and generate IIoT smart data
  • Use open, standardized communication and OPC UA technology
  • Automated machine learning

Driverless transport systems

  • Advanced charging technologies for vehicle batteries
  • Smart controllers for safe vehicle control
  • Smart connectivity in the vehicle and contactless data and power transmission

More products and solutions for intralogistics

FieldPower®: innovative solutions for decentralised automation

With the FieldPower® system, you can implement decentralised system and automation concepts that are future-proof and economical. The versatile module facilitates the transformation of IP20 into IP65.

PROtop: high-end power supply for the highest demands of Industry 4.0

The PROtop-series switchgear enables high plant availability through MTBF values of more than one million hours. The new DCL technology reliably provides the triggering of line protection switches and additional power reserves for safe powerful engine launches.

Circular Connectors

The right connection for your application outside the cabinet. High IP rated circular connectors for sensors and actuators.

A-Series with PUSH IN technology

Increase efficiency in installation without compromising on safety. The innovative PUSH IN direct plug connector reduces connection times for solid wires and those with crimped on wire-end ferrules by up to 50 % compared to clamping yoke terminals.

u-remote: outstanding efficiency and simplicity

The rise in complexity of machines and systems is placing increasing demands on modern automation technology. Branched sub-systems need to be precisely integrated into complex topologies. A rapid and reliable transmission of signals and data is critical for smooth operation.

Ethernet switches: solutions for industrial data transmission

The communication between components in the automation technology is increasingly realised with Industrial Ethernet. This technology is becoming more popular.


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