Systemised marking in all industrial applications

Whether packaging-, food- or pharmaceutical industries – each branch has its own claims on a resisting industrial marking system. The automation specialist I.E.M.A. will solve this with Weidmüller’s marking system, which will deliver the software as well as the fitting markers and printers from a single source in the future.

Systemised marking in all industrial applications

As a specialist for industrial automation I.E.M.A. srl is familiar with all kind of branches’ challenges. Since 1979 the company, located nearby Bologna in Italy, is specialised in electrical and electronic systems of automated machines – from planning and construction to installation to startup operations.

In the course of years I.E.M.A. gained experience with all kind of applications, for instance production- and filling systems and also machines to seal, label and pack. To cover the wide spectrum of norms and guidelines, the all-rounder searched for a marking system to let its employees deal with marking tasks for all applications from a single source, without needing a new solution for every single demand.

It was necessary to find a way whereby it’s able to transfer projectdata’s information of labelling of facilities and to provide the fitting markers with a consistent labelling for the application.

Realize needs together – determine individual solutions

These demands are exactly corresponding with the main idea of Weidmüller’s concept “Systemised marking”. The Weidmüller employees Alberto Pecchielan and Andrea Meletti identified specific needs together with I.E.M.A.’s project coordinators in workshops, demonstrations and tests at I.E.M.A. on site and at Weidmüller in Italy.

Variety of markers makes persistent labelling in highly diverse applications possible

Whether the labelling of cables and conductors, terminals, control elements or facilities: Weidmüller’s wide range of markers provides the right alternative for every marking purpose. Metal markers also are popular in extreme fields and convince by reliability – even in environments where they’re exposed to for example detergents or high temperatures.

To cope with the requirements of our customer and achieve the best solution, we created a software-interface for I.E.M.A., which is able to import matrix data into our software M-Print PRO®

Susanne Küster, Product manager for identification systems at Weidmüller

Weidmüller's marking system in use at automation specialist I.E.M.A. in Italy

In future I.E.M.A. will organize their marking tasks completely flexible with the inkjet printer PrintJet ADVANCED. The high magazine capacity of up to 30 MultiCards is providing a highly degree of automation, which increases the efficiency and improves the process simultaneously. Pin sharp colour printing simplifies the identification of manufacturing equipment. Certain norms even recommend coloured labelling, because this relieves the maintenance and identification of manufacturing equipment as warnings and security advices will only then get a clear effect.

For the use of continuous material, textile and polyester labels, shrink tubing and SPS-labels Andrea Meletti suggested I.E.M.A. the THM Plus S. This robust thermal transfer printer can be operated via an intuitive display panel and the integrated cutting and perforation option allows the division of the continuous material into any length – a noticeable work simplification for I.E.M.A.

The systemised offer of software, printers and markers as well as the dedication of Weidmüller completely convinced I.E.M.A. For the future the company will place reliance upon the best connection with Weidmüller.

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