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Rotor blade monitoring with BLADEcontrol®

Ice detection, rotor blade monitoring and professional monitoring and service – BLADEcontrol® offers a certified solution for all application requirements


Rotor blade monitoring with BLADEcontrol®


Cost efficiency, high levels of revenue and plant safety are the most important factors during the operation of wind turbines. BLADEcontrol® continuously records the condition of each rotor blade individually and perceives even minor changes. The risk of expensive repairs is reduced, and the economic efficiency of the entire wind energy plant increases.


Your advantages of the condition monitoring system at a glance:

  • Increased turbine availability
  • Life time extension of the rotor blades
  • Additional yield through reduced downtimes
  • Predictable repairs
  • Optimised turbine efficiency
  • Operational optimization and life time extension of your turbine

BLADEcontrol® offers a certified solution for all application requirements



Optional sensors for ice detection:

  • Measurement in the root area
  • Working in confined spaces is omitted
  • More room for de-icing systems inside the blade


BLADEcontrol® Opto:

  • Combination of electrical sensors with optical connection
  • Additional information about your rotor blades
  • Insensitiveness to lightning and electromagnetic fields



Ice Detection

  • Highly sensitive sensor technology for detecting ice accretion on the rotor blade - also at standstill of the turbine
  • Reliable prevention of ice throw
  • Automatic restart in ice-free condition
  • Measurement resolution of the ice thickness within millimetre range
  • Saving measurement data for subsequent ice evaluation
  • Web-based ice condition monitoring

Rotor Blade Condition Monitoring System

  • Early detection of typical blade damages such as damage to the blade tips caused by lightning, crack of the trailing edge, spar web separation and blade bearing damages
  • Signalling to the turbine control and information of the operation management
  • Predictable rotor blade repairs
  • Reducing of downtimes of the wind turbine
  • Professional monitoring and expert analysis in our monitoring centre
  • Online Monitoring of the rotor blades with WebVis

Operational Optimisation

  • Detection of operating deviations such as aerodynamic imbalances, pitch misalignments, loose parts and dynamic overloads
  • Reduction of the rotor blade life time consumption
  • Increase of the operational safety
  • Safe operation through constant rotor blade condition monitoring
  • Yield increase due to life time extension of your wind turbine

Monitoring and Service

  • Installation and commissioning by experienced service technicians
  • Easy retrofitting of existing wind turbines
  • Combination with ice warning lights
  • Monthly reports and trend analyses
  • Error message verification by our experts
  • Installation training for your technician
  • Detailed documentation for submission to authorities

Your partner Weidmüller Monitoring Systems



  • In-house hardware and software development
  • Equipment options for all installation types (1 MW onwards)
  • Highest-level data security


  • More than 2,500 systems sold
  • 7,000 machine years of monitoring experience
  • Installations in more than 33 countries

In Action


  1. TÜV Rheinland according to
    ISO 9001:2015
  2. DNV GL
    Ice Detector since 2008 
    Condition Monitoring System since 2013
  3. Approved by official authorities

Installations worldwide






References from our Partners


"Thanks to the permanent monitoring with the BLADEcontrol® Condition Monitoring System and based on the long-standing experience gained at roughly 200 of our offshore installations, we have already been able to enjoy multiple benefits from the measured data and data analysis, and have increased our system availability.

We have enjoyed a trust-based partnership with the Dresden-based company since 2006, and we look forward to continuing our successful collaboration in the future".


Adwen GmbH


"As a company specialising in maintenance and service work on wind turbines, ROTORWORKS is a certified partner for the installation of the BLADEcontrol® ice detection and condition monitoring systems on various wind turbined types. Due to simple assembly steps, BLADEcontrol® can be installed or optionally retrofitted onto existing wind turbines in no time at all. An installation-specific system adaptation can be performed easily and at any time based on the close, successful collaboration with Weidmüller".


Mario Heißner, Rotorworks GmbH


"At many locations in Germany, the use of the BLADEcontrol® ice detector on our wind turbines is now absolutely essential - on the one hand, the authorities require that the blade-based sensor system be implemented for reasons of personal safety, and on the other hand, our customers realise the added value that can be generated as a result of increased system availability and the fact that the wind farm attendant and the service team no longer need to carry out on-site inspections. This is due to the automatic restarting of the wind turbine after the ice-event has ended. Thanks to the positive collaboration with Weidmüller, we were able to obtain rapid certification of the integration of the system, including the automatic restarting, into our gearless system platform SWT-DD-130 and SWT-DD-142, with official requirements being met and customers being able to start their building permit process with us".


Kai Hartmann, Technical Project Manager Onshore


"The BLADEcontrol ice detection system saves a significant amount of working time and generates considerable cost reductions to VENSYS Energy AG and our customers. We got rid of many telephone calls and trips to the wind farms that were necessary when using conventional ice sensors on the nacelle roof. Just as the yield of the installations has increased, the safety of the turbines has also improved as a result of the direct measurement of ice build-up on the rotor blades.


Weidmüller Monitoring Systems GmbH has also demonstrated its interest in other areas too, such as the research and development of potential new uses for the systems, and is a reliable partner for us. We will of course continue to build on this collaboration in the future".


Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Andreas Morawietz, Development Department

 wpd windmanager GmbH & Co. KG

As an operator, we, wpd windmanager GmbH & Co. KG from Bremen, are responsible for about 2,000 wind turbines worldwide. Our most important tasks in the management of wind farms are the optimization of plant operation and the reduction of downtime. By using the BLADEcontrol ice detector, we ensure safe operation of our wind turbines - even in the cold season. When implementing the system, Weidmüller Monitoring Systems GmbH is a trustful and competent partner, who meets our demands and requests very individually and thus supports us to continue optimizing our wind farms.


wpd windmanager GmbH & Co. KG


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Read our detailed description about the operation principle of the of rotor blade ice and damage detection. Find out more about operational optimisation of your wind turbine and the remotely presentation of the status of your systems using our WebVis.


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