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Going up in a versatile, comfortable and energy-efficient way. Or going down.

Elevators and Escalators

Going up in a reliable, energy-efficient and data-driven way – or going down

We have the solutions


Increasing urban mobility constantly requires new solutions in elevator and escalator technology. Reliable and energy-efficient machine operation thanks to precise and consistent data availability and analysis are key factors in your success when implementing passenger conveyance with no waiting times.


With its many years of experience, Weidmüller can act as a partner and provide active support when it comes to the development of innovative monitoring and industrial analytics concepts. To ensure and keep up with urban mobility tomorrow as well as today.


Our product highlights at a glance


PRO-E makes your elevator green

You need energy-efficient switched-mode power supplies for your main control or door control? We offer wall-mounted single-phase power supplies with low standby power.

3-Phase Monitor Relay

You need a module to monitor the status of the phases in a 3-phase power system? We have the 3-phase Monitor Relay to detect phase loss and sequence failures.


Industrial Connectivity – more than components


FieldPower® Elevator saves time and materials

You want to increase efficiency in elevator shaft wiring? We have a smart solution to reach floor by floor fast and comfortable. Now released for halogen-free flat cable (FRNC).


AppGuide Elevator electronics devices

Your equipment takes elevators right to the top. Our connection system ensures smooth operations.


Industrial Digitalization – solutions beyond control


Predictive Maintenance

You want to open up new, data-based business models? We offer tailored services thanks to Industrial Analytics.


Upcoming events


ExpoElevador, Sao Paulo (BR)

4.-5. September 2018 

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E2 Forum, Frankfurt am Main (DE)

18.-19. September 2018 

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NAEC’S 69th Annual Convention & 2018 Exposition, Atlantic City (USA)

24.-27. September 2018

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8. European Lift Congress Heilbronn 2018, Villingen (DE)

16.-17. Oktober 2018 

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Weidmüller – your partner for Elevators and Escalators



  • In-house hardware and Software development
  • Highest-level data security


  1. more than 100.000 Power Supplies sold to global elevator market
  2. sales network in 31 countries


  1. Approvals according to CE, UL, CCC
  2. products developed according to EN 81-20/-50

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