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Quality through Certification

Take advantage of the certified reliability of our solutions. Let's connect.


In order to always deliver to you first-class products, quality control is of the utmost importance to us. Beginning with our product quality management under ISO 9000 ff., and extendingto the continuous monitoring by independent institutes. Thesecontrol our production facilities, our quality management and our own laboratory. And so we benefit from total reliability and longevity!


Accredited testing laboratories

The reliability of the technical data is of the utmost importance to the user. Our lab has DIN EN ISO/IEC accreditations from an external independent institution (the German Accreditation Body for Technology GmbH). This enables our lab to carry out certified tests for terminal blocks, connectors, and electronic equipment – including EMC and environmental impact tests. And so you can be sure that our products can be used throughout the world.

Product approvals

Approvals are proof of the quality of our products. The approvals are granted following performance tests carried out by independent institutions, and are the prerequisite for product use in certain markets or fields of applications.


Quality management in the Weidmüller group of companies is based on ISO 9000ff. Certified verification by accredited certification bodies makes it easier for you to judge suppliers.

The Weidmüller certifications and product approvals are available in our Download area.