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RockStar® ModuPlug

More freedom – Less effort
RockStar® ModuPlug is setting new standards
Let’s connect.


Connectivity is increasingly expected to be more and more efficient. This not only has to do with secure transfer of data, signals and power. Ever more functionality has to be implemented in the smallest of installation spaces.


In the fair video our product experts explain how to get more for less with RockStar® ModuPlug.

With the RockStar® ModuPlug modular connector system, we offer a high-performance and future-proof solution. You have more options and less planning effort.

A real RockStar® is as versatile and variable as the industry sector in which it is deployed. Accordingly, it fulfills the requirements demanded of it in robotics as it does those in panel building, in wind turbines, in rolling stock and in tomorrow’s manufacturing, Industry 4.0.