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Operating wind turbines efficiently – optimum yield with our automation solutions


Nowadays, the wind energy sector is faced with the challenge of meeting growing profitability requirements. This means that plant performance requirements are becoming ever greater. Therefore, more straightforward servicing, short assembly times and the reduction of downtimes are increasingly important.

The employment of efficient technologies in wind turbine control or communication has a considerable role to play in this context. This also applies to the employment of modern development tools. The engineering process is becoming increasingly efficient as hardware and software design become standardised and therefore closely integrated. A further trend is condition monitoring – alongside consumption and energy balancing, damage such as cracks can be recognised in good time.

We’ve confronted the challenges of the market as long standing partners in the energy sector. We offer customised automation solutions – alternatively as complete package or individual components for the wind energy of the future. We call the concept of efficient and flawless plant operation “Never stop!”.


Automation solution for small wind turbines

Our complete solution meets all requirements: with hardware, software, engineering for the tower and nacelle, as well as services such as plant project planning and services.


Rotor blade monitoring

BLADEcontrol® measures changes to the natural vibration behaviour of the rotor blade and detects damages inside the rotor blade that are not visible from the outside. This type of detection works reliably in all weather conditions.


Application-specific solutions and products

In addition to complete solutions, we also offer application-specific sub-solutions – tailor-made to suit individual needs.


Customised housing assembly

We offer individually assembled enclosure solutions as functional modules, which we create on the basis of our many years of experience in the sector and assemble with suitable components from the Weidmüller catalogue.


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