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Maintenance and cloud service

Efficient and secure machine maintenance
u-link makes remote maintenance easier and accelerates service processes


The remote maintenance of machines and plants is often designed such that it is very complex and time-consuming, and there is also the demand for a targeted and safeguarded functional connection to the associated IT systems. For many users, these two issues make the connection of plants around the world a major obstacle.

u-link guarantees quick and secure access to machines and plants, which makes remote maintenance easier while also allowing for the efficient management of production plants and user clients. The intuitive u-link interfaces are quick and easy both to configure and to adapt to specific processes. The innovative service on safeguarded servers in Germany also provides an online platform that ensures conformity between different IT systems when carrying out remote maintenance.

Thanks to its special properties, u-link is a great basis for the secure and affordable assembly even of comprehensive remote-maintenance topologies. The clear structure means that multiple production plants and users are easy to manage, and the option of expansion to include limitless numbers of additional routers and users means that u-link can be optimally adapted to meet a company‘s specific requirements.

Um Produktionsausfälle gering zu halten, zählt im Fall eines Maschinenstillstands jede Minute. Rüsten Sie deshalb Ihre Maschinen mit unserer leistungsstarken Fernwartungstechnik aus. u-link verhilft dem Technikteam vor Ort zu spürbar beschleunigten Wartungsarbeiten.

Easier plant access with security

u-link is the perfect remote-maintenance solution for machine construction companies and plant operators. You can maintain a very productive system, even without having any in-depth IT expertise. Quick, secure and simple.

Customised system management

u-link can be used to manage users, groups and their access rights based on individual requirements, such as a group assignment or access rights for production plants.

Reduced configuration effort

Thanks to the intuitive interfaces, routers and clients can easily be connected without the need for any in-depth IT expertise, which allows for the quick linking of multiple machines to the cloud service.

Secure remote maintenance and remote diagnostics

Machines and plants can be accessed remotely via a secure VPN connection, regardless of where they are in the world. The high level of availability of the servers based in Germany means that you have secure access to your production facilities at all times.

Status monitoring and status reports

With Weidmüller Heartbeat, router availability can be reported to u-link, allowing for status monitoring and reporting of the installed router.

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Full system integrity

Our Industrial Ethernet routers are a really simple way of guaranteeing the full system integrity of your remote-maintenance solution.


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