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Our way towards the perfect combiner box

Top quality, thought through to the last detail


Our international project work has made us very familiar with the requirements of the global market. We are well versed in all the standards and guidelines and address each situation according to specific local requirements. From planning to delivery: you receive comprehensive advice and direct support around the globe.

Step by step to the solution


Global presence

  • Since 2007: Supplier of combiner boxes for photovoltaic systems
  • Today: Development and production sites all over the world


  • Cooperative development of value-added solutions
  • Fine-tuned adjustment to the customer’s exact requirements


  1. Development of designs at the Global Application Center in Barcelona
  2. Functional testing and design validation prior to mass production


  1. Installation at a site in the global manufacturing network
  2. Optimum processes through automatic testing equipment
  3. Traceability provided by serial number on each housing


  1. Development and assembly process in accordance with the latest requirements of the IEC standard
  2. Highest standard: 100 % inspection of shipped goods and certificate of quality


  • Testing for resistance to environmental influences, mechanical effects and technical safety
  • Final quality verification with IEC 61439-2 certification


  • Just-in-time production and the option of individual delivery agreements
  • Straightforward commissioning through comprehensive documentation

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