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Valuable – Society and Employees

People – the most important aspect in shaping society
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We take a social and ethical approach to our employees and society based on Weidmüller’s basic values. To this end, we live up to our commitment and our responsibility at all Weidmüller locations around the world


Weidmüller helps!

Under the umbrella term “Weidmüller helps”, Weidmüller is bundling its sustainable and socio-community commitments in Germany and around the world. A key project of this commitment is a social and community educational project in Tanzania operated by Weidmüller in conjunction with the “Club of Good Hope”.There are also other campaigns such as bone marrow donations organised by occupational health management and various sponsorships and charitable activities.


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Weidmüller Academy

We face up to the challenges posed by the economy, science and society and use them as an opportunity at the same time: Weidmüller has been investing in sustainable education and innovation systems for a long time now, an approach that has been institutionalised for more than ten years at the Weidmüller Academy.


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More than 60 years of training

You are seeking new prospects. We can design a future for you – together. As a family-run company, we are keenly aware of our responsibility to both our employees and society, and are passing our knowledge on to the next generation. One particular focus of this lies in training young people – something we have been doing for more than 60 years. Our first-ever trainee started back in 1952, and today, we are preparing more than 200 trainees for their subsequent professional life.


A work-life balance programme for employees

Health into old age, career satisfaction and a balanced life: We are aware of our responsibility for our employees’ well-being. With company sports activities and events, we give our employees plenty of opportunities to strike a healthy balance in their spare time. A further step towards achieving a work-life balance is the provision of flexible working models for every living situation – for parents, for people on the way in and for people on the way up. With guidelines for staff over the age of 57, we keep our older employees in the company for longer by relieving the load on them through shift changes, part-time working and measures aimed at promoting a healthy lifestyle.




Connections to career starters

We are connecting today with our colleagues of tomorrow by providing career guidance and training from a young age. We promote curiosity and an active interest across a broad spectrum in kindergarten children through joint craft activities. We seek out, train and promote the potential of schoolchildren with our prize-winning career orientation concept that won the Hermann Schmidt Prize for innovative vocational training in 2011. With events such as MINT relation or Girls’ Day, we positively encourage girls to embark on a technical career. For this, we were honored from the Education Ministry of North Rhine-Westphalia as a "Place of Progress".