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Single track to success

Thanks to TERMSERIES with multi-voltage input, multi-track relay solutions are a thing of the past. The Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) benefits from this with its newly standardised overhead line control cabinets.

Those who use the SBB as their means of transport can avoid driving around serpentine bends over high mountain passes. With the number of passengers and kilometres travelled increasing year-on-year, the Swiss railway is enjoying growing popularity. To transport the large number of passengers safely via rail, considerable attention is being paid to maintaining and modernising the infrastructure.
Overhead line control based on the modular principle
"Our overhead lines have to be supplied with 15 kV. Across the entire SBB network, this means several hundred supply points distributed throughout Switzerland," according to Felix Leu from SBB. "For controlling the high voltage switches, we rely on newly standardised cabinets equipped with remote control technology. One of our main demands in the planning phase was that the systems are structured according to a modular principle, so we can expand our options at any time as necessary. Accordingly, components that can be used as flexibly and universally as possible were all the more valuable for us."
As part of the project, the automation specialist, BSR Automation, developed a control system, which takes care of the power supply for the overhead lines. This required a relay module which decouples the different field signals for control. During the search for a suitable solution, the TERMSERIES from Weidmüller soon became the obvious choice. The clear advantage of this allrounder for digital signal processing ‒ where different relays were previously required, TERMSERIES can be applied universally for all three voltages in use (48 V, 72 V and 110 V) and also for all relevant mains system types (50 Hz, 16 2/3 Hz and DC voltage for battery supply).
All application options efficiently addressed
"With TERMSERIES, Weidmüller offers a solution, whereby, thanks to its multi-voltage input, all the different or changing input voltages in the field are processed using just one product," reports Werner Truttmann from BSR Automation. "One and the same relay module addresses all application options called for by SBB in the project ‒ including the rail-specific 16 2/3 Hz electricity network."
The compact design of the modules also helps to noticeably save space. Above all, this takes into account the requirement of producing an optionally upgradeable system structure. BSR Eltec, a subsidiary of BSR Automation, is manufacturing a total of 450 cabinets for the whole of Switzerland. Time savings in cabling allow perfectly coordinated cross-connection options ‒ for which Weidmüller provided comprehensive advice and assistance.
Convincing relay solution ‒ successfully tested
With just one variation of the universal TERMSERIES kept in stock, SBB has a suitable spare part or expansion part available at all times. Furthermore, technicians benefit from the pluggable version, which
 Different voltages and system types – one relay solution. The TERMSERIES scores with multi-voltage input and a compact design in the Swiss Federal Railways' overhead line control cabinets
Different voltages and system types – one relay solution. The TERMSERIES scores with multi-voltage input and a compact design in the Swiss Federal Railways' overhead line control cabinets

saves them time-consuming dismantling of cabling; meaning that no valuable time is lost during maintenance work.

"While we were supplying samples and advising, our TERMSERIES was being thoroughly tested by SBB and BSR ‒ and with success!" recalls Weidmüller Sales Engineer Andreas Hubmann. "By realising the function of the multi-voltage input in such a compact housing, we were able to provide our customers with a convincing relay solution. This ensures that planners and developers move along a single track, and at the same time they're completely flexible and cost effective."

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Published in February 2015
Picture: ©SBB CFF FFS