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Weidmüller: Our name stands for Service, Competence and Reliability. And that has been the case since 1850. Over 160 years ago, our focus was already on connections, albeit rather different connections: As a textile company we made press studs. Today, we support customers around the world with our products and solutions in the area of Industrial Connectivity. Our international expansion started back in 1959 when we opened a group company in England. Today, we are represented in over 80 countries globally.


Our company's most important milestones at a glance:


  • 1850: Foundation as a textile production company in Chemnitz
  • 1943: Specialisation in the manufacture of Staffel terminal blocks
  • 1948: Reestablishment in Detmold
  • 1952: First participation in the Hanover Trade Fair
  • 1959: First international group company in England
  • 1978: Introduction of mechanised assembly in manufacturing
  • 1987: Launch of the corporate mission with the values Customer - Innovation - Quality - Employees
  • 2003: Foundation of the company's own Academy for the promotion of knowledge
  • 2015: Best results in the company's history. With 4,500 employees, Weidmüller achieved a 696,3 million euro turnover


Take a look through our picture gallery to learn more about the development of the company from textile production to becoming the leading partner in Industrial Connectivity, and discover some exciting parts of our history.  

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