stripax® ULtimate XL stripping tool

Stripping hard, halogen-free, XL-sized insulation materials
The stripax® ULtimate XL with an extended cross-section range


Whether you’re dealing with control lines, earthing cables, motor connection lines or power bus lines, applicationspecific cables with large cross-sections and high insulation demands are used in numerous fields. Stripping becomes something of a challenge in such situations.

Our stripax® ULtimate XL tackles this task successfully. Designed for cross-section ranges of 2.5 mm² to 10 mm², it can even cope with the most tenacious of insulation materials. Even tough sheath materials made of PUR, which are used in sensor / actuator lines in applications with a diameter of 4.1 mm to 7.2 mm, don’t stand a chance.

From now on, you can easily and precisely strip halogen-free insulation materials and lines with hard or smooth insulation – even in larger cross-section ranges – using ULtimate technology.

Lines with insulating materials made of PE or TPE are often used to produce particularly positive electrical properties in the motor connection lines of tool machines, machining units, processing machines, production lines, assembly lines and robots. Tough-to-strip, halogen-free materials such as these pose no problem to the ULtimate technology incorporated in our stripax® solution.








A simple hand-held tool for complex tasks

Are you working with specific cable types or particularly hard, halogen-free insulating materials with cable cross-sections of up to 10 mm² and would still like to achieve a clean insulating result with a simple hand-held tool in spite of all this? The stripax® ULtimate XL can deal with any challenge you throw at it.


Product advantages


Fast, clean and precise

The unique set of blades means users can automatically strip virtually all halogen-free lines and UL and UL-like conductors in a selfregulating manner – for a cross-section range of 2.5 mm to 10 mm².

Simple prefabrication

The three-stage partial stripping function of stripax® ULtimate stripping tools, which can be adjusted to a pull-off length of 3 mm, 5 mm and 10 mm, allows you to prefabricate even short stripping lengths.

Adaptation to insulation thickness

To symmetrically adjust the stripping function to extreme insulation thicknesses, such as those found in the particularly soft materials in the SAI range, the lower stripping jaw can be adjusted using a setting screw.

Make light work of any insulation

Whether you’re faced with a standard cable, an application-specific cable or a cable with extreme insulation, stripax®, multi-stripax®, stripax® ULtimate and stripax® ULtimate XL all form an unbeatable team that succeeds in all stripping scenarios.