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OMNIMATE Power LUF 10.00 PCB terminals

Safe and efficient connection of power electronics devices
Using our LUF 10.00 PCB terminal with PUSH IN connection system


Maximum performance with increased economic efficiency – these are the current trends in the field of power electronics. In order to achieve this goal, devices must combine excellent functionality with simple operation. This will have impact on the device connectivity systems, which needs to be fault-free, safe and quick in his usage.

The OMNIMATE Power PCB terminals LUF use the established PUSH IN connection system. We have realized a tool-free wiring system with an cross section up to 16 mm².

In addition to the particularly simple handling of the actuator lever, the LUF also provides high levels of contact reliability that is based on the “Connection Safety Concept” from Weidmüller. The quick and safe wire connection with PUSH IN connection system as well as the simple and safety operation of the actuator lever for opening the contact allows a quick, convenient and therefore economical wiring.

The LUF is not only impressing concerning performance and easy operability; Due to the particularly high level of contact reliability “Connection Safety Concept” this PCB terminal meets all the challenges of power-electronics applications








Perfect connection thanks to high levels of contact reliability

This contact system is getting automatically been closed after it was opened. This intelligent “Connection Safety Concept” helps ensure that the wire is always safely connected.



Product advantages


Easy actuation

The contact point can be opened without any physical exertion and without the need of any special tools. It can be done by hand or using a simple screwdriver.

Available for testing at any time

Easily accessible diagnostic testing points for necessary maintenance and measurements in direction of cable entry or on the actuating lever side allows the using of tester or connector PS2.

PUSH IN connector up to 16 mm²

The PUSH IN connection system allows a toolfree wire connection to the PCB board. Solid wires or wires with ferrules can be directly plugged. Done!

High levels of stability

The LUF has 2 x 2 solder pins per pole, which guarantees its current-carrying capacity and ensures that the contact is securely soldered on the PCB, without the need of additional fastening elements.