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Safe energy in automation

By suitably interconnecting high-availability with practical add-on modules and uninterruptable power supply units, Weidmüller provides power supply solutions that meet the most challenging standards. Just like the new powerful PROmax series.


Power supply solutions that comprehensively meet the required reliability levels are needed to maintain the safety functions, process controls and communication processes necessary for automation engineering.

 Permanently supplied systems – a comforting feeling

Permanently supplied systems – a comforting feeling

The consequences of network interruptions or voltage drops when, for example, very large consumers are switched in are expensive data losses, restarts of machinery or even damaged tools and products owing to the uncontrolled restart.

“These types of damage and the resulting production losses can entail immense costs extending into the millions range,” appreciates Weidmüller Product Manager, Klaus Schürmann. “Users operating automation systems at a high-level require power supply solutions that meet the requirements of their specific application and which comply with the applicable tiers of reliability. Through the optimum interconnection of our proven switched-mode power

supply units, along with our practical add-on modules and our uninterruptable power supply units, we are optimally servicing the wide-ranging requirements for sophisticated automation systems.”

Powerful power supply for machines and systems

Power supplies for large systems and machines are particularly challenging. Failures caused by device defects impact on the entire production line and can result in high costs.

Weidmüller’s powerful and durable PROmax power supply units are designed for particularly demanding requirements. Continuous overload of up to 20 percent or transient peak loads of 300 percent are easily handled by PROmax.

High boost capability and full power are also made possible over a wide temperature range. The switched-mode power supply units can be used around the world and are also suitable for confined spaces thanks to their low width.

 PROmax delivers the power needed for overloads, even at high temperatures

PROmax delivers the power needed for overloads, even at high temperatures