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Simple conversion and retrofitting of your PLC systems
The RETROFIT front adaptor and interfaces offer rapid changing
Let's connect.

Technical modifications, necessary performance optimisations and the growing complexity of your systems can all mean that your PLC systems quickly become obsolete and need to be replaced with newer models.
With RETROFIT front-panel adaptors and interfaces, plus pre-assembled cables, converting from the old to the new PLC system is very simple. Downtimes are minimised and you can switch back to the old system during the test stage.
Our retrofit components enable you to retain the existing field wiring and test the new system at your leisure without affecting the reliability of the current process.
You need your PLC systems to be up to date at all times. Our interfaces and adaptors minimise downtimes during conversion. Let’s connect.

Product advantage


Front-panel adaptors

Front-panel adaptors connect pre-assembled cables from the old PLC to the new PLC. The adaptors have one or two connections for redundancy.

High degree of individuality

The possible uses for our retrofit components are unlimited. We will be happy to advise you on the conversion of your systems.

Redundancy interfaces

Our interfaces are supplied with different plug-in connectors, which allow two controllers to be operated in parallel and allow the new system to be tested.
The RETROFIT front adaptor and interfaces offer rapid changing

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