Your Design: Individual Services

A perfect extension of the basic portfolio: The services-portfolio at a glance – your design options in detail.


Customized colouring


Colour is a simple yet infl uential element of design.


It allows you tobetter structure, integrate, design or label the connection area.With their diverse selection of colouring options, our componentswill adapt to your application:


  • Standard colours: black, orange, grey, green
  • Signal and functional colours: blue, yellow, red

Clear labelling


Providing for smooth installation and quick repairs:


  • Flexible layout for an applications-based label (e.g., position, alignment, colour and size of characters)
  • Including sharp-contoured special characters and symbols
  • Three methods depending on your requirements: Pad printing, inkjet labelling, and adhesive system

Distinctive coding


So that only those components which belong together fit together:Take advantage of our systematic connector or PCB coding systems:


  • Flexible: individual manual coding in the process or on-site
  • Smart: pre-assembled coding from the factory, fi t to your requirements
  • Efficient: pre-formed coding with large quantities

Process-compatible packaging


The proper packaging for your manufacturing process simplifies logistics and raises efficiency. You can choose between:


  • Box (standard package): saves space and environmentally friendly
  • Tape (on reel): the appropriately sized roll for any feeder, starting at 24 mm
  • Tube: can be automatically assembled, also without feeder
  • Tray: quick access for larger components

Pin lengths optimized for the process


Choose the ideal pin length, based on engineering requirements and process parameters, including:


  • PCB construction: thickness, assembly type
  • Assembly process: manual or automatic
  • Soldering process: wave or refl ow soldering

Application-oriented plating systems


You can also specify the proper contact surface for your application with a simple mouse click. Select based on electrical parameters or:


  • Environmental factors such as moisture or chemical fluids
  • Mechanical factors such as vibration or shock
  • Application characteristics such as the number of plugging cycles
  • Thermal infl uences such as temperature values and cycles

Selective equipped assembly


Extend the clearance and creepage distances with a check box – partial assembly with metal components and contacts is simple and:


  • Saves space: smaller dimensions than a large pitch
  • Effi cient: different voltage ranges in one component
  • Smart: same interface for processing and maintenance
  • Cost-effi cient: possible to use lower performance classes

Application-specific development


Seamlessly proceeding with your custom configuration:

In addition to our technical and production expertise, Weidmüller’s principle of “pro-active design-in” ensures that your solution will always be deeply integrated into your project and application. This ambitious view – beyond the narrow scope of components and their standards – contributes both to your and to our success.

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